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Okay, it's true, one reviewer really did say my description of setting the 24 hour, 202 mile record sounded like "a bread recipe." You'll have to search hard for that review, because, overwhelmingly, reviews for ONE WHEEL - MANY SPOKES have been excellent. With gratitude for the careful attention that readers and reviewers are giving to ONE WHEEL -MANY SPOKES, we share here some of our favorites...

The Midwest Book Review
" a travelogue like no other and very highly recommended reading."

Publishers Weekly
..."In the words of former senator [Bob] Kerrey, Clausen 'has done the work of a good citizen.' Clausen not only did that in spades, by raising millions of dollars for a struggling tribe of Eskimos, but he also managed to experience the kind of adventure most people only dream of having....(he also wound up breaking a couple of Guinness world records in the process)....Clausen's unsinkable good nature and sunny outlook jumps out at readers from practically every line of his book....he frequently relates encounters with locals who offer money for his cause or a place for his entourage to park their RV overnight....His true passion lies in traveling and his deep connection with and empathy for native peoples."

Independent Publishers Review
Lars Clausen is a very persistent man.

Simply learning to ride and feel comfortable on a unicycle must take a lot of persistence – but to ride one for 9,000 miles back and forth across the country through every state in the U.S.? That kind of persistence is almost unfathomable.

But Lars is a hard-core cyclist, having soloed cross-country on a two-wheeler in 1987. Accomplishing the ride would be one thing; writing and successfully publishing a book about it would be another. This would require a whole different level of persistence…
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Route 66 magazine
"...the trip was both daunting and exhausting, but more than anything it was the uncertainty of the challenge that ultimately turned the trip into one of fulfillment. This is a wonderful narrative of the ultimate Road Trips of all times.

The Oregonian
Showing there are different spokes for different folks...

A quote from Mark Twain inspired Clausen: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
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The Ride Magazine
" he motors his little patch of rubber across the U.S. to raise money for a tribal endowment fund....He purposely routes his trip through the many Indian reservations along the route and eloquently voices his disappointment in the treatment the native population has received throughout the decades."

ForeWord Magazine
"Clausen starts each chapter with a quote from the crusty Missourian (Mark Twain), to set the tone and, well, get the unicycle rolling....the miles pass quickly, but the trip is a full one, thanks to the author's candor and engaging personality, and some interesting color photos and creative illustrations. Hitch a ride on this one wheel." -- Karl Kunkel,

Bicycle Paper
"Clausen's narrative, while relating the aches and pains of such an endeavor, becomes more than just a tale of a unicycle ride. He shares, with character and charm, many surprising encounters of generosity and humanity that many would wager no longer exist in the 21st century. As well, the chronicling of his travels turns into an account of our country's past, as Clausen relays the history of the various towns."

Heartland Reviews
"The author did an excellent job of chronicling his experience. His insights into people and their relationships with one another is very pragmatic. His challenges were very different from a normal cyclist, showing the reader how difficult his feat was."

Keith Cash: Cross-country unicyclist
"This is the next best thing to unicycling cross-country yourself. Brace yourself for a wonderful adventure."

Guinness World Records: Upon awarding Lars Clausen his second long distance unicycling record.
"Guinness World Records has been recognizing outstanding achievement for half a century, and this record is as impressive as any we've published."

David Miller:  Editor, The Lutheran Magazine
This is the journey of a soul, of a man looking for himself, his true self beyond the masks we wear to get through the day-and to live as that person on the journey of a lifetime… He risks the road less traveled, that journey of graced discovery amid the unknown and uncontrollable. He invites us to life."

Gary Ferguson: NPR commentator and author, THE GREAT DIVIDE
"Few things are more precious than a poet on the road. Rising from these white lines of the American highway are both the passions of an adventurer, and the riches of his culture. Would that all of our traveling companions be so beautifully inspired."

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