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Contact: Lars Clausen
Holden Village, HC00-Stop2
Chelan, WA 98816
Phone: 509-293-1815

ONE WHEEL – MANY SPOKES: USA by UNICYCLE by Lars Clausen is a recipient of a finalist award for the Best New Voice in Non-fiction.  The prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award was presented by PMA: The Independent Publishers Association on June 1, in New York City.

The awards, established in 1987, now attract 1,600 entries from publishers large and small across the nation.  Only 10 percent are chosen as finalists for the 52 awards, and each category is judged by three industry professionals.

Commenting on the award, Clausen (43) noted surprising similarities between writing his book and earning two Guinness World Records during his unicycle tour through all 50 states. "There's a lot of solitude, and a lot of vulnerability when you're creating a book or pedaling a tour."

 In both cases, Clausen also found plenty of hospitality, kindness, and care to get him through the challenges. "When the support motor home repeatedly broke down on the tour, someone was always close at hand to get us going again.  Likewise, whenever I faced a writing or publishing challenge, publishing professionals were quick to offer support and advice."

What type of reader most enjoys ONE WHEEL – MANY SPOKES? Clausen has a quick answer. "People in transition love this story. People who face
struggles, and those who dream dreams tell me how important this story is
for them." 

Clausen speaks nationally now, since completing his 2002 tour.
When someone stands to tell how ONE WHEEL – MANY SPOKES changed their life,
Clausen feels amazed and pleased that 9,136 miles of unicycling could turn into such an inspiration.

 Clausen will soon put his "best new voice" to work again. His next adventure
will be a 1,000 mile tour, "Straight into Gay America." It begins on June 14
in Burlington, Vermont.

Clausen will attempt to get beyond the religious and political polarization surrounding gay and lesbian issues in America today.  He hopes the vulnerability and hospitality of the unicycle will allow him to get closer to the everyday life of gay people.

"If everything works out, I'll travel day-by-day, staying with people, hearing their stories, and then unicycle to the next place or next person they recommend for me. I have no idea where this trip will end."

If all goes well, Clausen hopes to soon have another entry for the Benjamin
Franklin Awards.

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