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Author Updates

Welcome to Author Updates, the best way to keep up on current news in Lars Clausen's life, his family, and current endeavors.

2005 is turning into the year of STRAIGHT INTO GAY AMERICA.  Read updates here for all the progress of the trip and the book.

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Riverwalk Books Tonight
Sep 20, 2006
Quick reminder: Gay into Straight America, tonight (Wednesday Sep 20) at 7:00 p.m. at Riverwalk Books. And yes, KOZI radio will cover this for our community.

Chelan Gay Equality Evening
Sep 13, 2006
I admit: I felt strange writing my LGBT equal rights books in a town where LGBT presence is invisible. September 20th is a day not just for our learning, but to help bring the invisible to light. We may never know the difference our presence makes.

Gay Into Straight America
Aug 31, 2006
Epic Journey spends final night in Chelan. Dotti Berry and Roby Sapp finish their one year Gay Into Straight America tour at Riverwalk Books on September 20th at 7 p.m. Friends of Lars and Anne -- Come make them your friends, too.

Eyes Wide Open is Today
Jul 25, 2006
July 25th. Today is Eyes Wide Open in Chelan. Thanks for preparing for this day, for volunteering today, and for this day of honor and hope. May it be a blessing for many people.

Eyes Wide Open - A Soldier's Baby
Jul 17, 2006
Hi from Colorado. I flew from Seattle to Dallas today, next to a sleepy young soldier, on his way back to Iraq tomorrow, just became a first-time dad last night. Makes the boots-project more real for me...

Eyes Wide Open - Update 7/14
Jul 14, 2006
11 days to the exhibit. Anne and kids put up flyers today. Time to let us know who can volunteer for what. Here's the list of needs and who's covering what. Eyes Wide Open will be a major Chelan event. Thanks for making it succeed.

Eyes Wide Open - June 28
Jun 28, 2006
Progress in Chelan. Wenatchee to hold Eyes Wide Open on July 26th. Coordinating our efforts. Let's make this great. Here's this week's update.

Update for Eyes Wide Open 6/20
Jun 20, 2006
If you'll click on this link, I'll give you the update. We're approved for using Riverwalk Park in the evening, but experiencing delays at city for approval to use the corner of Emerson and Woodin.

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